Dj duce and Crapvis!
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yo yo yo this is the DJ duce and Crap-vis page yes i know you guys just wish you had the rappin skills
but if anyone wants some lessons feel free to call 645-7903
damn whos that?
thats me "dj duce with the toilet paper, (its easyer to break dance with that on)
hey its time for the free stylin derby!
if you were a hot dog .......would you eat your self?

i need pics so hook me up
the ass family

word up!
if you wanna make some money quick! come work for me, i'll hook you up with a free stylin album before you can say "oops i craped my pants!"

sweet sassy mo lassy!
me (vitamin-D) before i went on a free stylin massacre
mail some phat rymes